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Our Forts come in a large variety of styles including: wooden Forts (KidWood Series), metal Forts (KidVilles Series), plastic Forts (Playolas Series) and inflatable Forts (Inflatable Series). Our forts have lots of different features such as see-saws, merry-go-rounds, swingsets, swings, tire swings, cyclone swings, bucket swings, super glides, slides, spiral sldes, turbo slides, rave slides, jungle gyms, chin-up bars, sandboxs, spring riders, monkey bars, overhead ladders, trapeze rings, ropes, steering wheels, ship's wheels, binoculars, telescopes, periscopes, wall-climbs, forts, playhouses, and mazes.

Wooden Forts

Our wooden Forts are constructed with either redwood, southern pine or doug-fir (all of which are treated and stained). We currently have four adventurous fort models to choose from. Our first wooden Forts is the fun-packed compact Fort Jacob, then we step up to the larger and always thrilling Fort Benjamin, next there's the ever enjoyable Fort Douglas, and last but not least the awe-inspiring gigantic Fort Christopher. Wooden Forts have always been the first choice for backyard forts and playgrounds simply because of its rugged wooden structure.

Metal Forts

To add more durability we also have metal Forts constructed primarily with metal. There are three metal residential playgrounds equipment models to choose from. The first metal Forts are the entertainingly compact KidVille 3, then we step up to the larger KidVille 4, and lastly there's the awesome KidVille 5. Metal Forts is always a good choice for backyard Forts because of its durability.

Plastic Forts

Our plastic Forts are constructed primarily with plastic (there is metal used in certain instances). There are twenty plastic Forts models to choose from. The models are from smallest to largest as follows: Adams, Columbus, Nelson, Delaware, Vancouver, Graham, Davis, Cumberland, Laramie, McHenry, Hamilton, Livingston, Washington, Lafayette, Jupiter, Jefferson, Montgomery, Bridger, Niagara and Ticonderoga. Plastic Forts similar to metal Forts is always a good choice for backyard playgrounds because of its easy up-keep and durability.

Inflatable Forts

Inflatable Forts hold their form completely by forced air. There are two inflatable Forts models to choose from. The first is the Bouce'n Dodge and the other is the Slide'n Wet. Both are equally entertaining.Inflatable Forts are good safe fun that can be broken down easily and stored.

Forts can also be referred as playground equipment, playgrounds, swingsets, jungle gyms, commercial playgrounds, soft play, playhouses, clubhouses, treehouses and playsets.

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