About Us

  • Why KidVenture Play Systems:

  • 1. An economical alternative to conventional playgrounds (15-40% savings)

  • 2. Minimal foam, netting, zip ties, ugly cage wire, and pipe/fittings

  • 3. Ease of installation (in most cases 2-3 days by owner's maintenance staff)

  • 4. Built-in design features for future expansion, retro-fit, and/or upgrades

  • 5. Ideal for integrating touch screen games, interactive components, and HD monitors

  • 6. Interchangeable panels for special logos and promotional images

  • 7. Design flexibility for floor space location constraints

  • 8. Lower freight cost up to 30%

  • 9. Meets or exceeds ASTM standards

  • 10. New and innovative designs

  • 11. High visual appeal to kids

At Kidventureplay, our primary objective is to build playgrounds that inspire imaginations to break loose while maintaining a fun, active, and safe contained play. With such an objective, we realize we must maintain a strong commitment to creativity, innovation, as well as safety.


In 1988, Bart Payne along with Decor Concepts, decided to develop a soft contained play system. This was the beginning of Omni. The task of engineering and designing the new system fell upon the shoulders of Gary Van Wagenen, and the task of sales and marketing became the responsibility of Doug Felder. By the year 1995, Omni had sold 4,500 playgrounds in the U.S. and 26 other countries.

There are two primary reasons which led to the rapid success of Omni. One, Omni embraced the philosophy of legendary service (which always put the customer first). Two, Omni made a strong commitment to develop innovative and creative products, thereby setting the standard for the rest of the industry.

In 1992, Jay Buchbinder entered the playground market with Playground Concepts. Several designers and engineers were brought in from Omni to become the first Playground Concepts Design and Engineering Staff. Under the creative leadership of Jay, Playground Concepts quickly became a formidable competitor in the playground industry.

By 1995, Omni was a very successful global playground company and caught the eye of Little Tikes. By 1997, Omni had been consolidated into the Little Tikes Commercial Play Systems company and the name Omni was dropped. A few years later, Jay Buchbinder was killed in a tragic bike accident. Playground Concepts floundered after the loss of their creative and inspirational leader.

In 2006, talk about a new playground company began. The discussions stressed company values, primarily creativity and commitment to excellence (the earmarks of both Omni and Playground Concepts) . In July 2007, Kidventureplay LLC was formed, combining the strengths of Omni, Playground Concepts, Optimum Systems, and Kidventureplay. Gary Van Wagenen is back at the helm, directing the engineering and design while Doug Felder is back directing the sales and marketing efforts.

Omni's standard of excellence set back in the mid 90's, is what Kidventureplay will build upon. Kidventureplay commitment to excellence and customer service will benefit the entire playground industry. To Omni's past clients, we thank you for making us a better company. To our future clients, we will provide you with legendary service, creative leading-edge products, and exceptional value.